Pembina Hills Arts Council

This project was super fun. It was also an incredible honour to work on. I grew up in Morden with the Pembina Hills Arts Council building as an iconic representation of the place I grew up. The council has been around for a long time and has been growing and putting new life in the the creative scene in the area.

I was fortunate to be able to work with Amanda Nicholls, the Executive Director of the Council as well as Tamara Klassen, a childhood friend and also owner of Lightpost Marketing here in the city.

Our measuring stick: “The Pembina Hills Arts Council is THE HUB for our vibrant, growing arts community.” This compelled me to design something that would portray the idea of community and togetherness (hence the triangle, an awesome representation of a coming together). The prairies and Pembina Hills aspect was carried in by a series of simple curves that crossed over one another. Shades of green helped portray vibrancy and growth as well as the regional colours. A simple and clean typeface helped update the logo and give it a contemporary “gallery” feel.

If you’re in southern Manitoba, check out the newly renovated gallery!


I just wanted to tell you personally how happy I am with the logo. I feel as though you have captured the freshness and vivacity we are after with this evolving organization!  Thank you so much for your detailed and professional work on this project!!

Amanda Nicholls

Executive Director, Pembina Hills Arts Council

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