Manitoba Homecoming 2010

Manitoba Homecoming 2010 was a year long experience to bring former and current Manitobans, visitors, family and friends together for events, festivals and an all-around great celebration. The team and I at Fusion had a really fun time dreaming up ideas for this occasion. We were given quite a bit of creative freedom from the marketing committee and so there was a no-holds-bar approach to what we could do! Our first task was to design a logo for the celebration. We were inspired by many iconic Manitoba images, but ultimately, the Social ticket was what won out. A collage style approach for illustrations allowed for a really fun, colourful and very flexible way to work out all things from print ads, postcards and website.

Skills: Identity, Brand Development, Stationery Design, Print/Publicity Design, Website Design

Role: Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Creative Director: Terry Kuzina

Agency: Fusion

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