Hilo Health Cooperative

The Hilo Health Cooperative is Hawaii’s first consumer cooperative fitness center. Cooperative owners are paid to exercise! The challenge with the Hilo Health Cooperative was that they would host other brands under one roof. CrossFit Big Island, 20/80 Yoga, Optimum Health Bootcamp and other businesses would all be providing a service at the Co-op. The logo for the Co-op needed to be flexible enough that it would not strongly clash with other brands while being stable enough to give an overall look and feel to their brand and to the building.

“Fitness, Friends, Fun!” Became the tagline and the word “community” was an important element to portray. I used fresh, healthy colours, a shape that indicated many parts together working as one and a curvy flow to portray a friendly feel.

Both staff and board members required business cards. Playing with the identity’s multiple colours, we used one colour to indicate staff and another for board members.

Skills: Brand Development, Identity, Business Cards

If you’re on the Big Island, check out the Co-op. Try out bootcamp, CrossFit, yoga or get yourself a personal trainer. So many options for staying in good health!

Website: hilohealth.coop

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