Coconut Wireless Life

My very good friend Kim decided she wanted to write a book and inspire others to create a life they love. So emerged her guidebook Coconut Wireless Life.

The Coconut Wireless Life isn’t just for islanders, it is for anyone who wants to make significant shifts in their life and like Kim, design a life that is fulfilling, exciting and meaningful.

The guidebook is broken into short, snappy chapters and grouped into larger sections that can be read together or focused on separately, depending on what you need now to design your Coconut Wireless Life. Around the middle of the book there’s a gratitude journal full of quotes and prompts and space to write. There are tons of additional resources Kim recommends throughout the book – movies, books, music, Hawaiian phrases, websites, and mini challenges for personal growth.

A great little book to take on your journey to creating a life worth loving.

Kim and I created and collaborated on all of the illustrations throughout the book. A fun project for sure!

Skills: Book cover and illustration, website design

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Kim Pierce

Author, Coconut Wireless Life

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