Clinique Eben-Ezer

This place holds a very special part of my heart. This clinic is a critical community gathering place in the heart of Haut Limbé, Haiti. Along with many friends of ours, both my husband and I have participated in helping to paint and build this clinic.

Based on the Bible verses found in 1st Samuel, Ebenezer stands for “stone of help”. I thought this was very suiting to the clinic and some of it’s key attributes: human dignity, community spirit, hope, love, respect. The stone – a symbol of strength, unmoving icon in a community, an interesting way to think of the clinic as well. The organic nature and imperfect shapes in the illustration relate to the humanistic nature of the clinic, all of the pieces fitting together to create one circle speaks to the community of people coming together. Nature, trees, birds etc link to an image of Haiti that I have in my head – green, blue, beautiful.

Skills: Identity

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