Amanda Reimer Mobile Physiotherapy

My friend Amanda needed some materials to start her Mobile Physiotherapy business. We began with developing a logo together. She wanted to express vibrancy, holistic health, youthfulness all while being fun and a little feminine. Once the logo was complete, we extended that look into stationery, business forms and a promotional card.

Services: Brand Development, Stationery Design, Advertising


If you are in Winnipeg, Manitoba and need a little TLC in the form of physiotherapy or acupuncture, give Amanda a shout!

Phone: (204) 979.1887

My experience with Brooke has been nothing but positive. She is an exceptionally talented and creative designer/artist. Her enthusiastic, warm, yet professional demeanor was always appreciated. Her work is always completed in an extremely prompt and detailed manor that made working with her easy and enjoyable. Brooke has designed a number of projects for me including a logo, which I have since gotten many compliments on, and a business card which I am proud to hand out. My business has benefited greatly from her work. When it comes to my recommendation, Brooke comes with flying colours!

Amanda Reimer

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