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My friend Susanne owns the Abhyasa Yoga Room. She was in need of a set of templates that she could use to create fliers for her studio. The studio offers many different classes and workshops throughout the year and so to help her to become more efficient, I created 3 different templates that she could use. Each template was editable in Pages so that she could easily change all text and images herself. Each flier was a different variation along the same style so that the community would begin to recognize the Abhyasa Yoga Room’s distinct look.

Skills: Flier template design for Pages

Susanne Lyle teaches at Abhyasa Yoga Room in beautiful Alaska.

Website: abhyasayogaroom.com

These days, any successful business depends on connecting and communicating digitally with its clients. In this respect, Brooke has helped create beautiful, functional and reusable flyers to promote my upcoming events and workshops. Not only is she a gifted artist but she’s also knowledgeable of expressing it electronically, combining creativity and expertise in her digital design. Brooke assisted me by blending my professional needs with her personal ideas in order to create outstanding artwork for my webpage which to this day still produces significant positive feedback.

Susanne Lyle

Abhyasa Yoga Studio Owner

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