1021 Hair Studio

Bridget, the sweet owner at 1021 Hair Studio needed a logo that would represent her hair studio. We emailed back and forth so that I could get to know her business more and how she wanted to be represented in the world. A few keywords that we established were vibrant, friendly, quality, feminine, casual, comfortable, and fun. Bridget had a great sense of style and knew what direction she wanted to head with her logo. I sketched a few ideas and we ended up moving forward with a modern twist on something a bit retro. Fonts, texture and curls spoke to a friendly, feminine, fun and casual mood, while a more bold, structured look helped portray a sense of quality. A one-colour design helped this detailed logo stay grounded and easy to read.

Skills: Identity

In southern Manitoba and need a fresh look? Connect with Bridget by visiting her facebook page.

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