Start with a solid foundation.

You are unique and have something that no one else can offer to your community. That’s why people come to you! Create a strong foundation for your business by discovering what your distinct brand is through a series of conversations and exercises. Become more consistent in your communication so that you can grow your business in a streamlined way.

Clearly express your unique offering.

Your brand should filter into everything you bring out into your community. Gain tools that will help you clearly articulate your message so that people know what to expect, trust your offering, and so that they can recognize YOU in everything from a website to the tone in which you tweet. Find out what methods best suit your brand so that you save time and money.


Shine bright and stand out! Every business needs a unique voice. It all begins with brand discovery, a mood board and a logo. This sets the visual foundation for everything to come.


Having an online presence is really important to the livelihood of a business. There are lots of options! – a website, a blog, social media, or online ads – I can help decide what’s right for you.


The possibilities are endless with print! From invitations, fliers, billboards, brochures, books, reports, direct mail, magazine ads, posters all the way to packaging design and so much more.


Sometimes a special project requires a unique touch. Tell a story, make it extra memorable. Custom illustration to match your project can be what takes that piece to the next level.

Let’s Connect!

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Location & Hours

My home studio is based in the beautiful town of Morden, Manitoba, Canada. But no matter where you live, we can collaborate online, by email, Skype, facetime or phone.

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